Favorite Topics

My Favorite Topics 
1. The eighth century BCE prophets and today: justice and righteousness
2. Paul’s body metaphor and Christian life
3. Diversity and hermeneutics: celebration and challenge (JEDP)
4. Jesus’ death in context: Moral challenge
5. Paul’s theology and ethics: then and now (two pillars of faith)
6. Hannah and Han: Human transformation
7. Abraham’s faith (Gen 15:6) and Paul’s letters
8. Sarah and Hagar: sorrows and tears
9. Job: conflict between theology and wisdom
10. Reading John 14:6 in a context of pluralism
11. Biblical anthropology: Adam and dust and human life
12. Theodicy and survival in apocalyptic literature
13. Multiple interpretations and education: critical contextual study
14. Historical Jesus and today: earth and spirituality
15. Kingdom and righteousness in Matthew (6:25-34)
16. Yuprakboonbon and Paul’s theology of “die and live”
17. Image of “death” in the Bible: positive and negative aspects
18. Identity of Nicodemus, Pilate, and Jesus (John's Gospel)
19. Lament Psalm 13 and transformation
20. Law and gospel in Romans and Galatians: truth of the gospel and the law
21. Three figurative body discourses in 1 Corinthians
22. The lost gospels: Q and community
23. Women in Paul’s letters and Pastoral Epistles
24. John’s cosmos: life and light
25. John Bunyan and Abraham: piety and ethics
26. A new reading of Lot’s wife becoming a pillar of salt: nurture and risk
27. The Marxist reading of Monarchic Israel
28. Retaliation law (lex talionis in Exod 21:22-25) in a village context
29. Jesus and Paul: Continuity and discontinuity of the old
30. Shamanism and Jesus (Christology)
31. Biblical hermeneutics today: history and trend
32. Paul and stoicism: Whose Paul?
33. The origin of “afterlife” in Rabbinic Judaism
34. The “Gospel of God” in Romans
35. Christianity in South Korea: a history and social change
36. Theology of marginality: Eastern thought and insights
37. Common humanity in difference: solidarity and diversity
38. Power (“I know”) and conversation: Eli the priest, Nicodemus
39. The art of biblical interpretation
40. Threefold theology of Paul
41. Threefold human transformation (Transformative reading of the Bible)
42. Naaman and human transformation
43. Naaman and Hanah: crossings of human transformation
44. Faith and reason (religion and science): The living of truths

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