Monday, September 12, 2016


*Who wants "unity"?
*Ruth: Survival, Race, and Transformation
*Misunderstandings about Logos Theology in the Fourth Gospel
*John 14:6 as Engagement, Embodiment, and Empowerment
*Education is a repetition
*Seminary is not an easy-going place of Hallelujah
*Be who you are and be ready to change!
*What is justice and why is it important to understand correctly?
*What is "the body of Christ" and why is it important to understand correctly?
*An Example of a Transformative Preaching?
*What does it mean to be a good writer and how is it possible?

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*What does it mean to be a good writer and how is it possible?
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*Jesus is better compared to Moses (John's Gospel)
*Roots of Individualism
*Shamanism and Christianity in Korea
*All things change! zhū háng wú cháng (諸行無常)

*Life does not depend on one person or one decision
*Breeze, Blackberries, and Grace
*Judas Iscariot and Jesus
*Fullness through emptiness
*The power of poetic imagination: "waters and stream" in Amos 5:24
*Pistis Christou in Gal 2:16, 20, and Rom 3:22
*Pistis Christou vs Pistis en Christo
*Jesus means nothing unless there is something worth to imitate

*Charity ends, but love never ends (1 Cor 13)
*Green Seminary Initiatives and John's Gospel: Logos and God's Creation

Some old posts
Letter to President Trump
Differences, whether personally or culturally, are not wrong by themselves but can be a moment of engagement with one another through the love of God.

Critical biblical interpretation
Overall, the purpose of biblical studies is to raise critical awareness of biblical texts and help students to engage them critically and faithfully.

"Doctor, cure yourself" (Luke 4:23)
Sometimes students read a biblical text out of context. One case in point comes from Jesus's saying of a proverb, "Doctor, cure yourself" (Lk 4:23).

"Come on from down and under"
Seeing the world and humanity from the perspective of marginality: "from down and under"

Joseph's dream represents a dominant, triumphant, imperial perspective
Namely, Joseph's dream is so naive and selfish.

A new translation of 1 Cor 12:27
"You are a Christic body and you have to embody Christ individually and communally."

"Jesus did not come simply to die"
He was supposed to live a good life without a tragic death on the cross.